Detective Amy Camden: Officer of the Year 2014

Detective Amy Camden


Above: Detective Camden with Chief Tony Hernandez

Officer of the Year

Chief Tony Hernandez and the Milton Police Department singled out Detective Amy Camden as the most recent Officer of the Year. The well-deserved award was presented at this year’s Milton Police Department Police Officers’ Awards Dinner.

The citation Chief Hernandez presented to Detective Camden reads, in part:

“…For your tireless pursuit of cases, writing search warrants and handling of difficult cases of sexual assault, child abuse and neglect. We are proud to award you Officer of the Year.”

In addition to Officer of the Year, Detective Camden received a special Letter of Recognition. Again alluding to the difficult nature of some of the detective’s work, the letter mentions:

“…demonstrated knowledge and dedication during a sexual assault case. IT was your perseverance and determination not to let this case “die” that resulted in successful prosecution of the suspect.”

To those of us citizens who have been lucky enough to see Detective Camden in action, the wording of the praise in her recognitions seems so justly deserved. In particular, the writer of this post was present as Detective Camden offered comfort to a family victimized by burglary while, at the same time, made it obvious that she would use whatever means she had at her disposal to close the case.

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