Updating these pages

We’ve been working on a few updates to these pages. We have much more work to do, but we thought you might like to poke around at what we have so far.

The pages we publish are built using a common editing tool. The tool delivers the pages in a certain format, which is easy to navigate, once you  get the idea.

Although we all know how to navigate web pages, this is just a little hint on how these pages work.

Home page

The MPF Home Page

The MPF Home Page

At left is an image of our Home Page, the page that opens when you take a direct link to the site. You can open and read the current blog post by clicking on the blog heading. Or, you can navigate to other pages (see the image, below)





The blog page  (this page)

The main blog page (our home page)

The blog page

You’re looking at our site’s blog (this page). It’s easy to navigate to other pages in the site. Just click on the tabs at the top of the page (Please see the image, left). (More pages will be added as time allows).





Navigating the tabs

Navigation on our sub-pages

Navigating on our sub-pages

Clicking on a tab will open a sub-page. Each sub-page may have its own sub-pages (Please see the image, left).









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