Established to provide citizen support to the Milton Police Department

The Milton Police Department Foundation was incorporated on April 14, 2009, by concerned citizens who support our police officers and their ability to continue to prevent and solve crimes in this era of mandatory budget cuts. The foundation supplements, not replaces, the city of Milton’s criminal justice budget by raising funds to purchase equipment or help pay for programs that Milton Police Department would otherwise have to forego.

Choosing projects to support

A request for needed items is presented to the board by Milton’s Chief of Police and officers. The board then chooses the type of fund raising activities that will most likely meet the financial goals.   Board members are not compensated for their time or service; all contributions go toward furthering our mission.

All contributions, cash or in-kind, are tax deductible. If you would like to help Milton Police Department’s officers and programs, listed below are just two projects we have funded:

  • Certain technologies to aid in the prevention and solving of crimes.
  • Rosetta Stone language courses for officers. The city of Milton residential drive-through commuting populations  are more diverse, including some who speak little if any English. Milton’s police officers are encountering many people whose native languages are Spanish and Russian. In order to correctly identify the situation, help the victims, and protect each individual’s civil rights, officers find they need basic skills in other languages.

Ongoing token of appreciation

The Milton Police Foundation has a years-long tradition of offering a monthly heartfelt token of thanks and appreciation: The ‘basket’.


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