Officers’ Awards Dinners

Milton Police Officer Recognition: Each year the Milton Police Foundation organizes an appreciation dinner for our Milton Police Department. We host our officers, and the public is invited to attend through the purchase of tickets. In addition, individuals, organizations, and businesses contribute merchandise and prizes to be auctioned during the evening or won by attendees in an ‘enter to win’ contest.

The Celebration: The evening’s activities don’t really commence until a we hear our national anthem (sung for the last several years by John B. Cooper). Besides the catered dinner, the Foundation seeks out comedy entertainment, always a hit.

Formal Awards: The highlight of the evening is the formal recognition of outstanding performance by our officers. The Chief of Police relates experiences of our officers during the last year, making it obvious how fortunate we are to live, work, and do business in a town with such a high caliber, professional police force. Each year the stories are different, describing uncommon kindness, dedication to duty, and often, outright valor.

Archived Recollections: From this page, please navigate to our collection of remembrances from past Awards Dinners. As time permits and as content becomes available, we’ll add a page for each previous celebration.

2015 Awards Dinner (March 2016)

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