2016 Milton Police Officers’ Awards Dinner: Celebrating 2015

Summary of the evening: For the Milton Police Foundation, 2016’s big night was Wednesday, March 2, 2016. The community gathered at 1506 11th Street  (The Old Post Office)  next to Dave’s of Milton to honor our officers. Baritone John B. Cooper stirred the room with an a cappella “Star Spangled Banner” to kick things off. Next came the lavish fare provided by Dave’s of Milton. Comedian Kermet Apio kept the attendees chuckling. As always, the generous donations from our Community Partners provided a reason for our guests to purchase “enter-to-win” tickets and to engage in some good-natured competitive bidding. All this, of course, makes it possible once again for the Foundation to help the Milton Police Department add equipment and activities that would otherwise go unfunded in times of tight city budgets.

Awards and Citations: Naturally, the high point of the celebration was the presentation of awards and citations  in recognition of the performance and cohis mmitment of our fine MPD officers.

Officer of the Year Kevin Peterson, right, congratulated by Chief Tony Hernandez

Officer of the Year Kevin Peterson, right, congratulated by Chief Tony Hernandez

Officer of the Year

Central to every MPD Awards Dinner is the announcement of the Officer of the Year. Chief Hernandez informed the audience that Kevin Peterson has been so honored this year. In fact, Officer Peterson left the ceremonies that evening having been recognized in three different ways for his excellent work and his courage: He was named Officer of the Year, of course; he executed the highest number of DUI arrests; and, Officer Peterson was received a Purple Heart citation for the courage and fortitude he showed while completing an arrest after having been injured by a hostile subject. During the awards dinner, one of Officer Peterson’s colleagues teased him about having been awarded the trifecta.

More officers were cited for their excellence. Read more.



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