2015 Awards and Citations


The highlight of the March 2, 2016 gathering was the presentation of recognition citations to some of all our very worthy MPD officers.

Officer Kevin Peterson

Officer of the Year; Purple Heart; Most DUI


Kevin’s Officer of the Year citation:

In recognition of your demonstrated excellence. “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible”.

Purple Heart citation:

In recognition of being injured on duty and sustaining a significant injury in the performance of your duties. The City of Milton thanks you for your extraordinary sacrifice and risking your life to protect others.

Most DUI Arrests citation:

Presented in recognition of your high degree of competence and expertise for apprehending the most impaired drivers and performing traffic enforcement.
You can be proud of what you have accomplished you will never know how many lives you saved or the crimes and crashes you prevented.


 Officer Paul Johnson

Officer PAUL JOHNSON photoOfficer Johnson’s Partner of the Year citation:

Servant leadership is a practice that enriches
the lives of individuals and builds better
organizations. You always ensure the needs
of others are met before yourself.
This award is to recognize your selfless
service to back-up and assist your fellow
officers tirelessly.






Officer Ben Griffin

OFFICER BEN GRIFFIN photoOfficer Griffin’s Largest Drug Arrest citation:

Substance abuse is a serious problem in our country
and city. Drug abuse affects families of all income
levels, social standing and cultural/ethnic backgrounds.
Drugs cause broken families, ruined lives and careers,
violence and death are the stark realties of substance
You are to be commended for your crime fighting efforts.






Specialist Darlene Deyo


Specialist Deyo’s Dedication Award citation:

In recognition of your life time service to the profession
of law enforcement and your dedication to duty to the
Milton Police Department and the citizens of Milton.
Your legacy will be that you were always compassionate to
those in need and you always listened to their needs.

Enjoy a well-earned retirement.






Officer Josh Torgerson

OFFICER JOSH TORGERSON photoOfficer Torgerson’s Reserve Officer of the Year citation:

In recognition for your philanthropy and
demonstrated moral sensibility.
The City of Milton recognizes your high
degree of professionalism and selfless
service as a Reserve Officer for the
Milton Police Department.



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